O!DECK Wood composite terrace boards.
Composite boards give the terrace and balcony a modern look while maintaining the aesthetics of real wood. Thanks to the innovative combination of plastic and wood (composite), the panels are characterized by high resistance to wear, mechanical damage and external factors (resistance to fungi, lichen and rot, do not swell under the influence of water - 20 years guarantee). The technology in which the panels are created ensures not only solidity and aesthetic finish, but also eliminates the need for maintenance which makes it easier to keep the balcony or terrace clean. The convenient size of the boards and the possibility of easy cutting allows them to be placed on any surface and in any way (solid support required). The boards can also be successfully used to create garden paths or pool surroundings. Installation using the “click in” system is easy, fast and does not require professional assistance. Due to the non-slip surface and the lack of fixing elements (such as protruding nails or screws) composite boards O!Deck are safe and comfortable to use.
  • Without the use of joists and other elements
  • Easy to clean
  • Distinguishable aroma of wood
  • Non-slip surface
  • Simple installation without professional assistance
  • Installation and dismantling without the use of tools
  • Durability – resistance to external factors
  • Maintenance not needed
  • Dyes of the highest quality
  • 20-year warranty on rot and decay
  • Hygienic certificate HK/b/0877/01/2013
O!DECK Technical characteristics
Material: Wood composite (40% wood, 40% polypropylene, 15% fiberglass, 5% other additives) distinguishable texture and aroma of wood – durability of plastic, does not swell under the influence of water
Monatage: Easy, fast installation using the “click in “ system
Warranty: 20-year warranty on rot and decay
single board = 505mm x 100mm x 23mm
sqm. = 20 boards with a weight of approx. 11,5 kg
package = 52,5 x 20,5 x 23,5 cm
rubber pads (recommended 6 per 1 board)
Available colours:
dark brown
light brown

Elements of the terrace board system
Terrace board - dimensions: 505 mm x 100 mm x 23 mm
Terrace board ½ -dimensions: 253 mm x 100 mm x 23 mm3. Side board - dimensions: 28 mm x 14 mm x 500 mm
Skirting board -dimensions: 36 mm x 29 mm x 500 mm
Rubber pad -dimensions: 12 mm x 13 mm x 24 mm (length) thickness: 4 mm
Groundwork preparation
Terrace boards are adapted for mounting on a flat concrete surface. Suggested slope of 2mm per 1m is advisable to aid water run-off.

Installation instructions
Boards should be mounted alternately on a stable surface at half the length of the board. When cutting boards longitudinally, they should be evenly cut to the bottom groove of the board
Boards have special protrusions that block themselves by latching on - the so-called click.
For finishing of the terrace you can use finishing moulding (side and skirting boards). 
Moulding should be cut depending on the needs and screwed with stainless screws to the main boards. You can also use rubber pads that allow better water run-off and eliminate the sound of knocking of the boards against the ground.

Terrace panels made of composite do not require additional maintenance such as varnishing or impregnation. The colour saturation stabilizes over a period of about five months. Under the influence of strong sunlight the colour may evenly decolorize to a slight degree. Cleaning the terrace boards can be done with a pressure washer (max. 50 bar) using ordinary detergents for home floors. Strong stains such as fat can be washed off with degreasing agents. Sharp objects like wire brushes can cause scratches and discoloration of the boards.

Warranty conditions
Failure to comply with the above installation instructions will invalidate the warranty for O!Deck terrace boards. Depending on the purchased series, board shades may vary slightly. The manufacturer provides a standard warranty of 2 years, and for rotting and decaying processes 20 years. The manufacturer is not responsible for damages and injuries related to improper installation of terrace boards.